Matthew Algeo, Author


"Abraham Lincoln loved animals. So did his boys. Whatever else historians disagree over, they accept this as true. Yet none have focused on the story of the Lincoln family pets and their meaning to the sixteenth president. Thankfully, Matthew Algeo has now done so, producing a charming and thoughtful study that begins with Fido, the Lincoln family dog, but covers much, much more."

—Matthew Pinsker, author, Lincoln's Sanctuary: Abraham Lincoln and the Soldiers' Home

"This is a fun and thoughtful book, with a message: could there be a connection between Lincoln's personal and political lives?"

—James M. Cornelius, PhD, Curator, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

"Abe & Fido is entertaining, but it's more than a novelty."

—Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"Algeo does a commendable job telling this story, and it's well worth the read."

—Animal Advocates of Alabama